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Upcoming on September 19-20: Europe Academy symposium on precarious work in Palermo

On September 19-20, CESI's Europe Academy will hold a symposium on ''Precarious work: Empowering trade unions to address new challenges" in Palermo, Italy. The conference, which is co-funded by the European Commission as part of a larger project on the... Read more

CESI conference addresses precarious work and lack of access to social protection

March 5 saw the launch of a new two-year project of CESI, co-funded by the European Commission, on ‘Precarious work: Empowering trade unions to address the new challenges’. A kick-off conference was held at the European Economic and Social Committee... Read more

One step closer to better working conditions for truck drivers in Europe

After protracted internal negotiations the transport ministers of the Member States adopted, at a Council meeting on December 4, a common position on a reform of working conditions for truck drivers in Europe, as part of a broader 'Europe on the Move'... Read more

FEMM and SOC Commissions take a stand for better work-life balance, decent employment and social protection for all

At their meeting on September 6 in Brussels, CESI's members' commissions on Women's Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) and on Employment and Social Affairs (SOC) reviewed progress in negotiations on the European Commission's proposals on work-life balance... Read more