Youth representative encourages improving image of public sector as an employer

3 Feb 2014, keywords :

In January, CESI’s youth representative Matthäus Fandrejewski met with Minister Ute Schäfer, responsible for Youth and Family affairs for North Rhine-Westphalia, in the context of the region’s youth council. The congress of the youth council came together to discuss various issues, both of national and European importance, ranging from voluntary work to the attractiveness of the public sector to young workers.

Youth representative encourages improving image of public sector as an employer

The congress of the youth council, hosted by the President of the German state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia (pictured with Matthäus), took place on 21 January, gathering young delegates alongside legislators from the state parliament of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Matthäus Fandrejewski took the opportunity to raise issues at the regional level which CESI is campaigning for on a European level. On the topic of working in the public sector, the youth representative called for a makeover of the public sector image: “To address today’s demographic challenges, we need more young workers in public administration and to do this, the public sector has to become far more attractive as an employer”.

This is an issue which CESI has been advocating at EU level, through projects organised under CESI’s Europe Academy. The most recent project, which took place in Hamburg, in October 2013, looked at the issues surrounding recruitment and retention in the public sector.

CESI’s youth representative received positive feedback from his proposals from other participants, including Minister Ute Schäfer, on this topic and others, such as enhanced support for the framework for youth voluntary work.