Youth representative campaigns on quality employment for young people

20 Mar 2014, keywords :

On 10th March Matthäus Fandrejewski, the CESI Youth Representative, participated in the EU Youth Conference in Thessaloniki (Greece), joining young representatives and policy-makers to discuss and put forward concrete proposals for policy actions. Matthäus took the opportunity to campaign on the issue of national minimum wages.

Youth representative campaigns on quality employment for young people

The EU Youth Conference brought together around 250 participants from all the EU Member States and candidate countries, both representatives of young people and of Ministries responsible for Youth Affairs, as well as from international NGOs, such as CESI, the European Commission and the European Youth Forum.

The Youth Conference takes place within the framework of the Structured Dialogue process which sees young people and policy makers across the European Union discussing and inform the development of youth policy at National and European level.

The Youth Conference worked on the basis of workshops on various topics such as transition to employment, equal opportunities for learning and quality employment. Through the workshops, delegates produced recommendations which aim at informing the policies adopted by the Youth Ministers in the Council.

Matthäus Fandrejewski, through his involvement in the quality employment workshop worked together with other delegates on a minimum wage:

EU Member States, in cooperation with social partners, must set a non-age discriminatory national minimum wage adjusted to the actual cost of living in the country in which young people work, to guarantee their autonomy and recognise the minimum wage as a social right.

For the Youth representative, this is an area in which trade unions need to be active and take a leading role, an opinion which the European Youth Forum are on side with.

The recommendations from Hellenic Presidency EU Youth Conference can be read in full here.