Young trade unionists will stand up for all young people

3 Nov 2014, keywords :

Last week, CESI Youth met in Brussels to discuss how young trade unionists can better contribute the work of CESI and better advocate young worker’s rights to the European institutions.

Young trade unionists will stand up for all young people

In order to improve CESI Youth’s work, one year after its creation, is to advocate for youth workers’ right in the European Union with a focus on the protection of precarious workers, the transition from education to employment and the implementation of the Youth Guarantee.

Particpants also heard from Clémentine Moyart who presented the work of the European Youth Forum in Brussels (EYF). The EYF, in which CESI Youth are seeking full membership, empowers its affiliates to work autonomously and advocates claims on youth towards EU institutions. Employment is one of the key topics on which the EYF works, with the principle objective of developing quality jobs (social protection and minimum wage for example).

The European Youth Forum is a strong advocate of an obligatory working contract, limiting precarious work, a minimum wage for young people, the inclusion of young people in the potential European unemployment benefit scheme, skills mismatch and alleviating the pressure put on education, non-formal education, career guidance, quality internships and apprenticeships. is a campaign from the EYF to provide tools for quality internships.

Earlier this year the EU recommended a “quality framework for traineeships” that can be found here. More information on the Youth Guarantee can be found here. The European Youth Forum is regularly in contact with its national member organisations in order to follow the implementation of national schemes in youth policy.

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To follow youth issues at EU level you can follow the EYF twitter and Facebook accounts.