Why we need an effective public sector and how workers help in building it

25 Oct 2013

This week (Thursday 24 October) CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger addressed the Public Sector Effectiveness Conference in Vilnius, Lithuania. The conference, which was held under the patronage of the Lithuanian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, is dedicated to helping institutions in the public sector visibly improve their effectiveness, and the value they provide for citizens. Within this context, Klaus Heeger spoke about why we need an effective public sector and how workers are key in building it.

Why we need an effective public sector and how workers help in building it

With modernisation of public administration one of the Lithuanian Presidency’s priorities, the conference looked at how the effectiveness of the public sector and how successful they are in fulfilling their obligations to citizens and meeting their expectations.

If other contributions involved complex management theories, Klaus Heeger had a clear and simple message: Employee involvement through social dialogue is fundamental to building an effective and performing public sector.

2013 has been a difficult years for workers throughout Europe, but employers in the public sector have been facing particularly difficult challenges. Not only have austerity measures affected public services in Europe but measures have been directly aimed at public services.Title photo

Poorer working conditions, lower quality training combined with lower confidence in job security and lower confidence in the merits of the work performed are all detrimental factors contributing to a lower performing and less effective public sector.

The central message from Klaus Heeger was that the status quo must change, both in order to retain and recruit the highest quality workers out there. This message was also the theme of the CESI Europe Academy’s most recent seminar earlier this month on the Public Sector in Europe: a quality employer working in the general interest.

The International Public Sector Effectiveness Conference was organised in Lithuania for the second time. Last year, more than 700 people participated.