Commissions and Expert Commissions

CESI’s internal cross-industry commissions and sectoral expert commissions inform and shape CESI’s issue-specific interest representation, working in line with the general objectives set by the Congress, Board and Presidium. Commissions and expert commissions usually meet once or twice per year and bring together representatives from interested member organisations. As such, they also act as fora for exchange of views, expertise and information on topical subject matters between CESI’s members and for deliberation and debate with politicians, stakeholder, academics and representatives of national and EU institutions and agencies.

Following CESI’s Congress in December 2020, the Presidium set up the following commissions and expert commissions for the legislative period until 2024:

Commission ‘Employment and Social Affairs’ (SOC)
• Commission ‘Women’s Rights and Gender Equality’ (FEMM)
• Expert Commission ‘Public Administrations’ (PA)
Expert Commission ‘Education, Training and Research’ (EDUC)
Expert Commission ‘Health Services’ (SAN)
Expert Commission ‘Post and Telecoms’ (P&T)
Expert Commission ‘Defence’ (DEF)

Members of CESI are also active in the field of transport at European level.

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