CESI 2020 Calendar

Date Event Place
02.02.2021 Programme Commission Online
03.02.2021 Presidium Online
19.02.2021 CESI Europe Academy final project conference ‘Precarious work: empowering trade unions to address new challenges’ Online
26.02.2021 CESI@home ‘The future of healthcare: Tackling the understaffing in the healthcare sector’ Online
03.03.2021 CESI@home ‘The future of the European Defence Union in the context of multiple crisis: What are the new coordinates post Covid 19?’ Online
04.03.2021 CESI EuropeAcademy kick-off event of new projects in 2021 Online
12.03.2021 CESI@home ‘The European Commission’s new action plan on the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights: What role for trade unions?’ Online
23.03.2021 Presidium Online
26.03.2021 CESI@home ‘Mental health and home office: What challenges and solutions for workers?’ Online
16.04.2021 CESI@home ‘Demographic change in Europe: Workers and employees in the EU’s new Green paper on ageing’ Online
28.04.2021 Employment and Social Affairs Commission Online
28.04.2021 Women’s Rights and Gender Equality Commission Online
30.04.2021 CESI@home ‘Active labour market policies: New roles for trade unions to support workers?’ Online
07.05.2021 CESI@home ‘The European Green Deal: Reconciling the green and the social’ Online
28.05.2021 CESI@home ‘Corona recovery and resilience plans: Next steps for trade unions’ Online
11.06.2021 CESI@home ‘Working time after the Matzak judgment: Consequences for the health sector’ Online
24.06.2021 Presidium Online/Brussels - Tbc
24.06.2021 Board (Tbc) Online/Brussels - Tbc
25.06.2021 CESI@home ‘Covid, 1 ½ years on: What progress in occupational health and safety and digital equipment support for workers and public service personnel?’ Online