Past Projects

The Public Service and the Integration of Migrants in the European Union

Vienna, 29-30 September 2011


Promoting diversity within the Public Service in the European Union

Amsterdam, 23-24 June 2011


Mobility of health workers within the E.U.

Riga, 16-18 June 2010


  • Symposium “Creating added value – taking action together
  • The role of the Public Service and the Social Partners in overcoming the economic crisis”
    Valencia, 14-16 April 2010
  • Symposium “The European Public Service faced with the challenges of globalisation and  European integration: the role of lifelong learning”
    Malmö, 28-30 October 2009
  • Symposium “Health and Prevention at Work”
    Rome, 21-22 September 2009
  • Symposium “Work Life balance“
    Lisbon, 23-24 June 2009
  • Symposium “Selected Issues relating to the European Social Model”
    Budapest, 10-12 September 2008
  • Symposium “The European Social Model against the backdrop of globalisation“
    Strasbourg, 1-3 July 2008
  • Symposium “Flexicurity – Labour market policy model for Europe?”
    Brussels, 28-29 April 2008
  • Symposium “The courage to have children – women and men torn between work and family”
    Brussels, 12-14 September 2007
  • Symposium “Integrating young and older employees into the labour market”
    Seville 8-11 May 2007
  • Symposium “The future of old-age pension schemes in Europe“
    Berlin 26-28 February 2007