Trade Council Post and Telecoms defends postal universal services

During the ERGP workshop on postal universal services in Bucharest on 19 November, the President of the CESI Trade Council Post and Telecoms Manfred Wiedner and CESI Director Bert van Caelenberg defended the maintenance of postal universal services, employment and working conditions against liberalisation tendencies.

Trade Council Post and Telecoms defends postal universal services

The workshop of the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) reunited the sectorial stakeholders and came subsequent to a public consultation process on postal universal services. The main concern of this consultation was if the requirements of the Postal Service Directive have to be adapted to declines in letter volumes and changed communication habits that have been observed in some European and extra-European countries.

CESI Trade Council Post and Telecoms answered to the consultation and also presented its position on the spot at the workshop in Bucharest, underlining that liberalisation in the postal sector has only produced few winners but many losers, together with a massive deterioration of employment and working conditions.


Manfred Wiedner underlined in the position paper that those conditions shouldn’t be further deteriorated and that quality of universal postal services shouldn’t be even more reduced.

The main concerns of the Trade Council’s position have been taken into account during the workshop in Bucharest. CESI is going to closely monitor the further outcome of consultation and workshop.