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Public administration trade councils discuss challenges for performing public services personnel

On June 4, CESI's trade councils on Central administration and finances and on Local and regional administrations held a joint meeting in Brussels. Under the presidency of Willi Gloss and Hans Freiler, the meeting focused on a range of matters of concern... Read more

“Cum-Ex” – A tax scam that remains in the shadows

In October 2018, the “CumEx-Files” scandal broke out, making headlines in the German media. The least one can say about it is that it represents a true “heist” on European public treasuries. A commentary from Fernand Muller, former Vice-President... Read more

CESI again a member of the EU Platform for Tax Good Governance

CESI has been selected by the European Commission as one of 15 non-government members to become part of the EU's Platform for Tax Good Governance for the time from April 2016 to June 2019. CESI has already been a member in the past and can now continue... Read more

CESI participates in the Commission’s advisory Platform for tax good governance

Today, the European Commission's advisory Platform for tax good governance held its 7th meeting. As a member of the platform, CESI participated in this meeting, which featured in particular debate with Heinz Zourek (chief of the Commission's DG TAXUD... Read more