Security Trade Council: New board, renewed commitments

2 May 2013

The Security Trade Council met on Monday 29 April with a full agenda to discuss EU priorites in Justice and Home Affairs, as well as to appoint its new Board.

Security Trade Council: New board, renewed commitments

Gerrit van de Kamp (Eurofedop) was elected as president, with Stephanie Larosa (FP GCG/Alliance) and Herman Benker (dbb) assuming the roles of vice-president. CESI would like to thank José Razafindranaly (FGAF), as the out-going vice-president, for the work achieved during his mandate in the Security Trade Council.

CESI received Wouter van de Rijt from the Council for a fruitful and productive discussion on the current EU priorities in the realm of Justice and Home Affairs. The discussion showed that CESI is committed to continuing to have its voice heard in this policy area, with JHA now being jointly decided upon through the ordinary legislative procedure (in which the Council and the European Parliament jointly decide on a Commission proposal).

The Europe Academy’s Symposium in June on ‘Building the Europe of freedom, security and justice: effects on the main sectors concerned and workers’ demand’ is one example of how CESI can continue to make an impact. The aim of the upcoming symposium is to produce results in its analysis of the Stockholm programme which can inform the debate in the field of security and provide concrete proposals to the EU institutions for European level initiatives.

The Trade Council also discussed new technologies and polices forces. Participants agreed that Member States should become more and more digital in their approach to combatting crime by embracing new technologies. That being said, these new tools should be used as a means of improving working conditions, not as a means of reducing the size of the workforce. These issues were debated with a view to producing a CESI position paper.