Public Goods and Services remain among MEP’s priorities for next 5 years

12 Dec 2014, keywords : ,

The European Parliament's political groups have agreed on the intergroups that they will establish for the current mandate (2014-2019).

Public Goods and Services remain among MEP’s priorities for next 5 years

Continuing the work of the public services intergroup, which CESI actively participated in during the last legislative mandate, MEPs have decided to establish a Public Goods and Services intergroup in the European Parliament. Intergroups are formed by MEPs, with a view to holding informal exchanges of views on particular subjects and promoting contact between Members and civil society.

The list of 28 groups was due to be validated on 11 December by the Conference of the Presidents of the European Parliament’s political groups. Among other important intergroups, CESI will aim to be active in the Trade Unions group, the Youth Issues group, the social Economy intergroup and the group dealing with Long Term Investment.

Having campaigned for the re-establishment of the public services intergroup by writing to all MEPs for their support, CESI is pleased with the news. Commenting on the news, CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger said, “The new mandate of the European Parliament has shown that it is committed to public services. If the intergroup can reinforce the positive impact of public services in Europe, then it will be a success. Doing this is particularly important given the role of public services in buffering the impact of the economic and financial crisis and as having acted as an economic stabiliser since 2008. Moreover, the social contract which has at times felt lost in the last few years can be re-instated through effective public services.”