New European Platform to coordinate fight against undeclared work

9 Apr 2014

Today (9th April) the European Commission has released proposals for a European Platform to enhance cooperation between enforcement bodies in the EU which tackle the issue of undeclared work.

New European Platform to coordinate fight against undeclared work

Labour and social security inspectorates, tax and migration authorities, as well as social partners will work together under the platform to address this important issue which causes serious damage to working conditions, fair competition and the public purse.

Leading the proposals, the Commissioner in charge, László Andor, said: “Undeclared work deprives workers of social protection, puts their health and safety at risk and lowers labour standards. It also undermines fair competition for businesses and endangers the sustainability of public finances and social security systems.”

The Platform will be funded by the new EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EasI) which supports employment, social policy and labour mobility. At the same time Member States are encouraged to us the European Social Fund to reinforce their capacity to tackle the problem.

Commenting on the Platform, Klaus Heeger, CESI Secretary General said, “The different avenues of funding demonstrate the serious Commission’s commitment to start dealing with undeclared work. In times of crisis more than ever, when government revenues decline and public budgets are limited, it is so important to have well-functioning labour inspectorates and tax administrations, not least by investing in staff. This is what Platform needs to focus on.”

The proposals are now sent to the European Parliament and the Council to be adopted.

To read about where CESI stands on the issue please consult or Answer to the Commission consultation on tackling undeclared work