Local and Regional Authorities Trade Council elects Board

12 Nov 2013

The Local and Regional Authorities Trade Council took place in Luxemburg this week (12 November). The meeting saw the election of its board and discussions ranging from European Social Dialogue to water supplies in Europe.

Local and Regional Authorities Trade Council elects Board

The session was opened with some welcoming remarks from the Trade Council’s President by Dr Hans Freiler (EUROFEDOP). Following a short report on CESI’s current activities from both the Secretary General, Klaus Heeger, and the President, Romain Wolff, members of the meeting then proceeded to vote on electing its new board.

Dr Hans Freiler (EUROFEDOP) was reelected as President, while Urs Stauffer (ZV) and Antoine Breining (FGAF) were also reelected as Vice Presidents of the Trade Council.

Discussing water supplies in the context of local and regional authorities, Mr Peter De Paepe, an expert from TMVW, underlined concerns regarding the current state of affairs in the EU. Mr De Paepe called for unions to intervene more together given the role of this vital resource in Europe’s future.


Mr Harrie Scholtens, from the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) also addressed members in Luxembourg, drawing their attention to the process of merging municipalities, at local and regional level, using the Netherlands as a relevant case study. Through this merging, Mr Scholtens was careful to point out the importance of it being a bottom-up approach, in particular with regard to workers, the civil servants.

The state of play in European social dialogue in Local and Regional Administration was also presented, alongside a study on representativeness.