Lack of social dialogue forces Polish unions to demonstrate

1 Oct 2013

Between September 11th and 13th, national level demonstrations of the most active Polish Trade Unions were held in Warsaw.

Lack of social dialogue forces Polish unions to demonstrate

Protests were held as a result of alleged breaking of the rules regarding social dialogue between social partners and the government. The Polish administration, in agreement only with various Polish employers’ organisations, have forced through anti-labour changes in the Labour Code. The changes concern, among other issues, the introduction of a 12 month settlement period of working time. During this time employees are deprived of working overtime, equating to over 1 billion euros a year.

WZZ Solidarność – Oświata, Polish member organisation of CESI, participated actively in a 100,000-strong demonstration in Warsaw on September 14th. This was together with all Polish Trade Unions. WZZ Solidarność – Oświata was represented by many hundred teachers in the Warsaw protests.

The pictures from the demonstrations are available on the webpage of WZZ Solidarność – Oświata alongside a short statement from the President Sławomir Wittkowicz A news clip from German network news TV ZDF can be found here.

Interview photo