Healthy workplaces manage stress campaign: It’s European Week for Safety and Health at Work!

This week is European Week for Safety and Health at Work 2015, a highlight of EU-OSHA's 'Healthy workplaces manage stress campaign'. The week is an important occasion to raise awareness and take action for safer and healthier workplaces. CESI has been a long-standing partner in EU-OSHA's campaign and continues to put occupational health and safety high on its agenda.

Healthy workplaces manage stress campaign: It’s European Week for Safety and Health at Work!

‘Sexual harassment and third party violence’ is a particular focus of the 2015 edition of the European Week for Safety and Health at Work, which sees numerous health and safety-related activities of campaign partners taking place across Europe.

Harassment and violence against public sector workers: New CESI position 

This coincides with the work of CESI’s Trade Council ‘Local and Regional Administration’ (CESI’s internal forum of debate and deliberation for local and regional administration affairs) which met in Brussels last week and adopted of a position on adverse social behaviour against public sector workers. Making reference to different EU and national-level legislative pieces and other measures, it calls in particular for more preventive action against harassment and violence at work.* 

2016: Project on health and safety of public sector workers upcoming

In 2016, the CESI Europe Academy, CESI’s internal training centre, will also conduct a year-long project on ‘Health and safety at work in the public sector in Europe: the new challenges’. The CESI General Secretariat  successfully applied for funding from the European Commission to implement the project. 

It will be informed by two major seminars which will bring together representatives from CESI’s various member organisations with different professionals and high-level experts in the area of occupational health and safety. Moreover, it is envisaged that a study will be prepared, bringing together a selection of best practices in the field of health and safety in the public sector. 

The findings will be widely disseminated in order to strengthen more effective health and safety practices for public sector workers throughout Europe. 

* Once available as a consolidated version, the position paper will be published in the policy positions section of CESI’s website.