EYE 2014: CESI Youth shows that behind every statistic is a face

13 May 2014, keywords : ,

Last weekend, a team of delegates from CESI Youth joined 5000 other young people at the European Parliament in Strasbourg for the European Youth Event 2014 (#EYE2014). The event was organised around performances and interactive workshops which aim to promote ideas for a better Europe.

EYE 2014: CESI Youth shows that behind every statistic is a face

The event, which ran from 9-11 May 2014, was a unique opportunity for the next generation to come up with ideas, discuss opinions and set the agenda for the Europe of tomorrow. The EYE2014 featured hundreds of activities and performances grouped around 5 different themes: youth unemployment, digital revolution, the future of the EU, sustainability and the issue of European values.

CESI Youth delegates organised their own stand which provided an interactive activity to provide a dialogue around EU policies which fight unemployment. The concept of “Faces of European Youth” saw young people from across Europe answer questions about the EU and youth unemployment not through words but through facial and body expressions.

CESI Youth wanted to underline the fact that behind every statistic on youth unemployment in the EU is a face, behind every number is a young person.

You can view many of the faces captured on CESI Youth’s twitter feed @CESIyouth or through the hashtag #EYEfaces.


The EYE 2014 was also the first occasion on which CESI’s young affiliates have met since the Youth camp last year, with all delegates getting involved in running the stand in Strasbourg.

Commenting on the EYE 2014, CESI’s Youth Representative described it as “a great opportunity for CESI Youth to meet after the camp. Dialogue between CESI’s young members and building up this feeling of togetherness are important for me. It is crucial that our national trade unions regularly keep in close contact, especially with our younger members.”

Young delegates could also promote their activities in their own countries giving CESI youth its European dimension, showing its members to be active at national and European level.

The next meeting of CESI Youth is due to take place later this year (Autumn 2014).