European Youth Forum sees vital role for trade unions in defending Europe’s youth

19 Nov 2013

The European Youth Forum last week launched its latest publication on Quality Jobs for Young People. The publication was presented at the Youth Summit for Quality Jobs held in Paris last week to promote and protect quality jobs for young Europeans, as well as the role played by young people in shaping and implementing the Youth Guarantee in Europe. A delegate from CESI attended this event on behalf of its Youth Representative, Matthäus Fandrejewski.

European Youth Forum sees vital role for trade unions in defending Europe’s youth

The short publication, available here, underlines that while the creation of jobs has become a priority in addressing the youth unemployment crisis, young people’s rights to quality work needs to be properly addressed.

To extent young people are involved in temporary jobs, part-time jobs, internships and apprenticeships? What are their possibilities of making the transition to permanent, full-time work, and what impact does this have on their level of job security? These are the important questions looked at by the European Youth Forum.

The European Youth Forum sees a crucial role for trade unions in ensuring young people receive proper training on their working rights, in particular as a result of the increase likelihood of young workers being in precarious work. In its call to trade unions, the EYF states: “…the involvement of young people in trade unions is vital in order to ensure that their working rights are protected and that they are fairly represented.”Title

The Youth Summit for Quality Jobs held in Paris (12 November 2013) was an appropriate setting to present the publication. The document on Quality Jobs for Young People was given to several EU Ministers of Labour and to the French President, François Hollande, who met with young organisations in the framework of the summit. A representative from CESI attended the event, to follow up on part of the work carried out at CESI’s first Youth Camp, earlier this year.

Commenting on the publication, CESI’s Youth Representative Matthäus Fandrejewski said, “this contribution from the European Youth Forum on quality jobs is welcome news for CESI, and we are glad to see that trade unions are a central part of their vision.”

Matthäus will be in Thessaloniki next week for the European Youth Forums’s Council of Members meeting (22-23 November 2013)