European Youth Forum encourages more CESI involvement in its activities

2 Dec 2013

From 21 to 23 November, CESI’s Youth Representative Matthäus Fandrejewski attended the Council of Members of the European Youth Form (EYF) in Thessaloniki, Greece. This was an opportunity for Matthäus to find out about the work of the EYF, and issues related to youth employment policy at the European level in general. CESI has been an observer member of the EYF for several years and regularly engages in its work in Brussels, however this was the first time CESI has been represented at the EYF’s Council of Members by the Youth Representative.

European Youth Forum encourages more CESI involvement in its activities

Taking place in Thessaloniki, the European Youth Capital for 2014, the Council of Members kicked off with an introduction of the recent work of the EYF, such as their publication on Quality Jobs for young people. Thessaloniki’s Major, Mr Yiannis Boutaris gave a warm welcome speech on behalf of the city offering support to young people in a city which hosts approximately 120,000 students. President of the Hellenic Natural Committee of UNESCO, Mrs Aikateriki Tzitzikosta, then motivated young people to speak out, calling on young leaders to advocate youth rights.

During the event, CESI was shown a new Love Youth Future campaign, a campaign which CESI encourages all young members to participate in. The initiative people have the possibly to invite his/her candidates in the European elections to make a pledge on youth issues. Those who take part can then follow which MEPS are actively fighting for young people’s rights in the European Parliament. The campaign can be accessed online, through this website:

The EYF’s President, Peter Matjašič, and its Secretary General, Giuseppe Porcaro, welcomed CESI to the event, mentioning that that they were very happy to see a CESI Youth delegate for the first time and that they hope CESI will continue to participate in future meetings. The next Council of Members is due to take place in April in Brussels.