European Locomotive Drivers set out European work program for 2014-2018

17 Oct 2014

The European Independent Locomotive Drivers Union last week met to discuss cooperation on the European level and set out their work program for 2014-2018.

European Locomotive Drivers set out European work program for 2014-2018

With hugely important dossiers such as the Fourth Railway Package being discussed in detail within the European Institutions, European Independent Locomotive Drivers Union (ALE) wants to renew dialogue with stakeholders in Brussels. With this legislative package set to alter how railways operate, the ALE will closely follow its developments and defend their interests when necessary.

The ALE will also take the opportunity of railways being debated on a European level to promote contact with European employers and to increase pressure to gain recognition as partners in social dialogue at the international level. In doing this, the union will also increasingly work with CESI on transport issues at EU level.

With CESI’s help, ALE will be better able to thoroughly examine how Community legislation is transposed at the national level and better report non-compliance, implementation delays and biased interpretations of the same law to the EU institutions.

ALE will continue with their engagement and active approach in the European Railway Agency and call for their duties and responsibilities to expand in this capacity. In doing so, ALE want to ensure safety is a top priority. By exercising more control security within their work , ALE want to see the establishment of more streamlined procedures for reporting hazardous situations.