EU social partners come together to improve working conditions in central administrations

10 Feb 2014

On the occasion of its last plenary session (10th December 2013), the social dialogue committee at EU level for Central government administrations adopted two agreements which set out concrete proposals to improve working conditions. TUNED (the trade union delegation to which CESI belongs) and EUPAE (employers) agreed on measures to better anticipate change and called for a new Commission strategy to be set out on health and safety in the workplace.

With the aim of better anticipating and managing changes in government administrations, the committee adopted guidelines on Human Resources Management. The guidelines see human resources policies no longer being defined as mere support tools, but as part of a larger strategy when it comes to restructuring, in particular when this impacts on jobs. The guidelines call for enhanced social dialogue at national level and encourage social partners to define a framework for social dialogue which deals with changes -before, during and after- relating to employment, organisation of work and contractual relationships. The idea is to better fulfill public service missions and better serve users needs by allowing administrations to be more responsive.

In order to set out health and safety priorities in central government administration and contribute to the ongoing debate on a new EU strategy on occupational safety and health, the committee also agreed upon a statement on Towards well-being at work. The statement sets out priorities for the committees work in this field, including reducing and preventing work-related diseases and psycho-social risks in the workplace, as well as calling on a new strategy to be put forward by the European Commission. An important part of this work would be achieved strengthening the role of health and safety representatives and trade union representatives through vocational training. This agreement will be sent to the European Commission.

The Strategy for strengthening Human Resources by better anticipating and managing change can be read here in EN,FR and DE.

The Statement on Towards well-being at work in central government administrations as part of a new EU occupational safety and health strategy framework can be read here in ENFR and DE.