EU civil servants go on strike against reforms to staff regulations

6 May 2013

As COREPER meets (8 May 2013) to take a decision on the findings of their Working Party for Staff Regulation´s, civil servants of the European Institutions will be protesting in front of the Council building, voicing their objections to the measures being imposed on them.

EU civil servants go on strike against reforms to staff regulations

Among others, the Union for Unity, U4U, announced the strike following the adoption of proposed reforms on 26 April 2013. The decision will see the adoption of a formal negotiating position for the Council, after which it will enter into discussions with the Commission and the Council next week.

CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger has already expressed concerns regarding the continual call from Member States for cuts in administrative spending at European Council summits, whilst at the same time proposing for more action to be taken at EU level. This will only leave staff demotivated and discouraged in their work.

Public services across Europe continue to be down-sized, with a heavy proportion of cuts falling on public sector jobs. This does nothing to inspire public sector workers in implementing the reforms which are taking place, and importantly is likely to have a detrimental effect on performance.

Unless governments change their attitude toward public servants, in both actions and in words, it is unlikely that some key public sector reforms will be successful. This is as important at European level, as it is at national level. Social dialogue continues to be the most beneficial tool at governments’ disposal in order to achieve success in reforms. CESI continues to call for Member States to embrace this tool.