Diverse backgrounds, same goals: CESI welcomes new members

6 Dec 2013

CESI this week (Wednesday 4 December) welcomes three new members from across Europe. The Independent Confederation of Executives, Supervisors, and Managers of Public Administration from Italy, Bem Bir Sen from Turkey and the German Armed Forces Association. These three organisations will bring a valuable contribution to CESI’s work. The expanding membership is a sign of the importance of social affairs at European level and will help to give CESI a stronger voice in EU-level social dialogue.

Diverse backgrounds, same goals: CESI welcomes new members

The Independent Confederation of Executives, Supervisors, and Managers of Public Administration CONFEDIR. CONFEDIR represents 11 different unions throughout Italy, covering various sectors including security, health and public management. It is the biggest trade union representing executive managers in Italy. CESI welcomes the contribution in terms of expertise and experience in public services CONFEDIR will bring.

Bem Bir Sen (the Association of Municipal and City Administration Employees) was established in 1994, now representative in Turkey’s 81 cities. Bem Bir Sen works to protect and promote the common interests of fundamental   rights and freedoms for workers at this level of the public sector. With largest number of members in a trade union for this sector, Bem Bir Sen is well placed to campaign on important issues such as equal pay for equal work and women’s rights. These are values which are shared by CESI. The president of Bem Bir Sen Mursai Turbay attended the Board meeting.

The Deutschen BundeswehrVerbandes (DBwV) is a nonpartisan and financially independent institution representing the German armed forces. The DBwV represents the interests of its approximately 200,000 members in all areas of service, social justice and care of active-duty soldiers, reserves, and former dependents, civilian members of the Armed Forces as well as supporting members. The DBwV has always been committed to ensuring the same rights and obligations apply to citizens in uniform as they do to citizens, since its inception in 1956. Speaking on behalf of the DBwV, Thomas Sohst said, “all soldiers in Europe should have the right to join trade unions – they should not be treated as second class citizens”.

Commenting on CESI’s expansion, Secretary General Klaus Heeger said, “The new member organisations are from diverse backgrounds, but all represent a similar goal: defending the rights of their workers on both the national and the European level. This is an aim which unifies all members of CESI, allowing us to have a clear message and a stronger voice, regardless of which sector we are dealing with.”