CSI-F hosts second of CESI’s ‘solidarity of the south’ press conferences in Madrid

6 Jun 2013

CESI, together with independent trade unions representing both the public and the private sector in Spain and Portugal, held the last of their press conferences today (6 June) in Madrid in a demonstration of unity and solidarity against the current economic strategies of the EU and its governments.

CSI-F hosts second of CESI’s ‘solidarity of the south’ press conferences in Madrid

The press conference was hosted by the Spanish trade union CSI-F, which has cross-sector representation in the public sphere. CSI-F President Miguel Borra was joined by representatives from CSI-F (ES), FASGA (ES), USI (PT) and ANP (ES) to once again appeal to the policy-makers to change direction and take into account the realities of the economic and social situations in both Spain and Portugal.

Secretary General Klaus Heeger represented CESI at the event stressing the importance of reviewing economic approaches in order to turn the page of problems such as youth unemployment and the resulting “brain-drain” effect in southern countries.

Commenting after the event, Mr Heeger called for a far more considered approach when imposing strict austere policies: “The IMF today admitted that in the case of Greece perhaps a less severe approach in terms of austerity policies should have been adopted. The EU and governments in Spain and Portugal could learn something from the IMF in reassessing if these are the policies that should be followed. There has been a slight change in tone in recent months, but this has been nowhere near enough.

There was a clear message from CESI and the Spanish and Portuguese independent trade unions that investment is an important means of overcoming the crisis. With smart investment, employers can start employing and consumers can start consuming again, and only with this does CESI believe that a return to growth can be possible.

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