CESI Youth speaks up for social & labour market integration of refugees at the EYE in Strasbourg

At this year's European Youth Event (EYE) in the European Parliament in Strasbourg on May 20/21, the CESI Youth - CESI's platform for and of young affiliates - was prominently present with a group 26 affiliates. The delegation ran a successful booth on trade union work for young people and held a well-visited workshop on a positive reception of young refugees in Europe. CESI Youth Representative Matthäus Fandrejewski was also a panelist in a debate on the social and labour market integration of migrants in the European Parliament's plenary chamber.

CESI Youth speaks up for social & labour market integration of refugees at the EYE in Strasbourg

The European Youth Event, which takes place every two years, was hosted by the European Parliament and was attended by 7,000 young people aged 16 to 30. Under the theme “Together we can make a change” the EYE saw debates and workshops with Members of the European Parliament and other political decision-makers and opinion-builders.

CESI Youth booth on benefits of trade unions for young people

The CESI Youth ran a booth where EYE participants could share their ideas on how trade unions can be most useful for young people. EYE participants could leave their thoughts on posters, and it appeared that young people put their hopes in trade unions especially when it comes to ensuring decent wages for everyone, advancing on equal pay for equal work, and eliminating social dumping. It became evident that young people also expect trade unions to be active in terms of engagement for civic participation and pluralist democracy beyond Europe’s borders.


CESI Youth-hosted workshop on youth migration

The delegation of the CESI Youth also organised a workshop entitled ‘Are refugees welcome?’ together with the Deutscher Bundesjugendring, where two refugees, Jihad Suliman and Sarah Mardini, reported about their way from Syria to Germany and their new life in Europe. Their stories were exemplary in highlighting problems and challenges that Europe (still) faces when it comes to legal entry possibilities for refugees, the processing of asylum procedures and the recognition of professional qualifications and study diplomas. The event also featured the participation of MEP Julie Ward (S&D, UK), who reported about her activities in favour of a positive reception of refugees in Europe. The workshop attracted more than 200 participants, entirely filling a committee room in the European Parliamentand making the event a great success.

CESI Youth Representative Matthäus Fandrejewski speaks in the hemicycle on labour market integration of young migrants

CESI Youth Representative Matthäus Fandrejewski later spoke as a panelist at a debate on the social and labour market integration of migrants and refugees in the hemicycle of the European Parliament in front of 800 young EYE participants. As a trade union representative, Matthäus’s statements in favour of a facilitated recognition of qualifications for migrants were welcome by the audience with applause. 

Pictures: At the European Youth Event (EYE) 2016 in Strasbourg © CESI 2016