CESI Youth selected as partner of the European Youth Forum for the European Youth Event 2016

Yesterday, the European Youth Forum announced the selection of CESI's youth organisation, the CESI Youth, as one of its YO!Fest partners at the next European Youth Event (EYE), which will take place on May 20-21 2016. It is the second time that the CESI Youth has been selected.

CESI Youth selected as partner of the European Youth Forum for the European Youth Event 2016

At the 2016 EYE, the European Parliament will host hundreds of engaging activities – from idea checks, debates, and hearings to ideas labs, workshops, and digital games, giving 7,000 young people the opportunity to meet and discuss with European decision-makers and come up with innovative ideas on how ‘Together, we can make a change’.

EYE 2016: Five themes that move the youth

The five themes of the EYE 2016 are:

• War and peace: Perspectives for a peaceful planet;
• Apathy or participation: Agenda for a vibrant democracy;
• Exclusion or access: Crackdown on youth unemployment;
• Stagnation or innovation: Tomorrow’s world of work; and
• Collapse or success: New ways for a sustainable Europe.

The European Youth Forum’s YO!Fest is a central feature of the EYE. Mixing political debates and workshops with live music and artistic performances, YO!Fest aims at mobilising young people and youth organisations across Europe.

CESI Youth Representative Matthäus Fandrejewski: “One of our most important opportunities to raise awareness”

Matthäus Fandrejewski, representative of the CESI Youth, is looking forward to contribute to the  YO!Fest at the 2016 EYE: “We were already a Yo!Fest partner before. Raising our voice at the EYE 2016 is one of our main priorities of the year. We want to help the European Youth Forum bring the youth’s priorities to the fore in a fun way and exchange with EU-level politicians. “

More information about the EYE is available here. If you are interested in more information about the YEF’s YO!Fest, follow this link.