‘CESI Youth’-Representative Matthäus Fandrejewski honoured by the German Federal President

In June, Matthäus Fandrejewski - the lead representative of CESI's youth organisation, the CESI Youth - was honoured by the German Federal President Joachim Gauck for his outstanding voluntary work for the CESI Youth and other organisations and institutions. CESI says: "Congratulations, Matthäus, you deserve this recognition!"

‘CESI Youth’-Representative Matthäus Fandrejewski honoured by the German Federal President

President Gauck had invited Mr Fandrejewski along with other young citizens with impressive volunteer work track records for a formal honourary ceremony to his official residence in Berlin, Bellevue Palace.

During the ceremony, Mr Gauck paid tribute to the laureates, noting the particular value that their volunteering brings to society. Without citizens engaging in voluntary work next to their job, many organisations, clubs and initiatives could not function and the civil society would be weaker, Mr Gauck added.

Having met Mr Gauck in person, Mr Fandrejewski holds the German President in high esteem. “He was genuinely interested in the voluntary work I do. You can tell he really appreciates the involvement and participation of young people in civil society.”

Mr Fandrejewski works as an immigration officer at the Lippe district administration in North Rhine-Westphalia (Germany) and has held different voluntary positions in several organisations and institutions for many years. Through his membership at CESI’s member organisation dbb (the German Civil Service Federation) he was elected lead representative of CESI‘s own, then newly-established youth organisation, the CESI Youth, in 2013.

Since then, Mr Fandrejewski has been instrumental in the organisation of the CESI Youth. CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger notes: “The initial consolidation and later expansion of the CESI Youth may not have been possible without Mr. Fandrejewski’s tireless dedication and motivation. We are extremely grateful for his efforts. The way he manages to reconcile his voluntary work for CESI with his job truly deserves a recognition.”