CESI Youth one year on: much done, much still to do

8 Sep 2014, keywords :

This week marks one year since CESI Youth came together for the first time in Hungary. Participants came together to engage and debate with experts on European youth policies. The various nationalities and ages involved in CESI Youth since its inception means that CESI continually hears the issues from those people directly affected: young Europeans.

CESI Youth one year on: much done, much still to do

During this year, young trade unionists in CESI have worked hard to raise awareness of the challenges facing young people in Europe today: unemployment and precarious work. This work has been coordinated by CESI’s Youth representative Matthäus Fandrejewski.

Proud of the work achieved so far, Matthäus said “We have had a great start to CESI Youth: the youth camp, working more and more with the European Youth Forum and in particular our creative ideas for this year’s European Youth Event. It’s all thanks to CESI’s young members and I am looking forward to building on what we have achieved so far.”

CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger passed on his congratulations to CESI Youth’s work: “Over the past year I have seen CESI’s young members coming together at European level to share their experiences and to talk about challenges facing young people in the workplace. If the situation in Europe has improved, young people have not been the beneficiaries. This means it is even more important to give young people a voice, which is exactly what CESI Youth does.”

CESI Youth will now begin work on a resolution for youth work in Europe.