CESI welcomes new members

31 May 2013

During today’s Board meeting (30 May 2013), the Secretary General Klaus Heeger was pleased to welcome four new member organisations, U for Unity, ATCEUC, Alliance and FSPAESH, to the European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions.

CESI welcomes new members

The member organisations are from diverse backgrounds, but all represent a similar goal: defending the rights of their workers on both the national and the European level. This is an aim which unifies all members of CESI, allowing us to have a clear message and a stronger voice, regardless of which sector we are dealing with.

U for Unity (U4U) is an organisation which unties and brings together both unionised and non-unionised members working at the heart of the EU institutions, be it civil servants, contractual agents, local agents or seconded national experts. U4U encourage a more democratic approach to trade unionism, drawing people together to defend the rights and working conditions of the European civil service.

The Air Traffic Controllers European Union’s Coordination (ATCEUC) aims to put forward the views of European Air Traffic Controllers in an honest and non-political manner whenever their expertise is useful. Active at the EU level, ATCEUC make sure that Air Traffic Controllers are involved in the definition of the European ATM system and kept informed on upcoming developments so as to meet the challenges that the ever growing traffic demand is imposing

Alliance police nationale is a member organisation which represents the national police force in France. Unaffiliated to any political party, Alliance seeks to work with any democratic government or party, but always firmly in the interests of its members.

The Trade Unions Federation of Education and Science of Albania (FPAESH) is an Albanian federation of trade unions which represents both the public and the private sector at all levels of education. The FSPAESH primarily aims to improve working conditions, guarantee a right to training and is active in the fight against staff abuse.

The growing membership of CESI, which is expected to continue throughout 2013, is a sign of the growing importance of social affairs at the European level and will help to give CESI a stronger voice in EU-level social dialogue.


The General Assembly of the Europe Academy also elected a new Board for the CESI Europe Academy. Emilio Fatovic, Deputy Secretary General of CONF.S.A.L. (Italy) and Member of the EESC Workers’ group, was elected as president and will be supported by seven vice-presidents. CESI would like to give a very special thanks to the outgoing president Wilhelm Gloss for the work he accomplishments between 2009 and 2013.