CESI verdict on Commission’s traineeship proposals: Room for improvement

5 Dec 2013, keywords :

The European Commission last week (4 December 2013) put forward proposals for a Quality Framework for Traineeships. The aim is to set guidelines enabling trainees to acquire high quality work experience and in the long-term increase their chances of finding a good quality job. CESI welcomes the proposals but considers that the guidelines could go further yet.

CESI verdict on Commission’s traineeship proposals: Room for improvement

The proposals from the Commission form an important part of the Youth Guarantee, which aims to guarantee young people up to the age of 25 an offer of good quality offer of employment, further education, apprenticeship or traineeship within 4 months of leaving education or becoming unemployed. However, as with the Youth Guarantee the proposals risk not being effective by not going far enough.

Presenting the proposals, László Andor, European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion said “Traineeships are crucial for improving the employability of young people, and to ensure a smooth transition from school to work. It is unacceptable that some trainees are currently exploited as free or cheap labour. Member States must ensure that trainees receive valuable training and experience to get a job.”

Particularly welcome are the proposals to have a written agreement between the employer and the employee on both learning content and working conditions. This would increase transparency over traineeships for the better.

However, it is with regard to the working conditions that there is a key element missing: remuneration. Speaking on behalf CESI’s Youth Movement, Matthäus Fandrejewski said “With the maximum duration of traineeship proposed at six months, this is too long without also putting forward proposals for mandatory remuneration to some degree.”

The Commission’s proposed guidelines on traineeships, if adopted by the Council (composed of Member States), would only take the form of Recommendations addressed to Member States. These recommendations do not impose any legal obligation.

CESI Youth Representative