CESI supports ETUC on a New Path for Europe

4 Apr 2014, keywords :

Today (4 April), the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC), together with its Belgian trade unions, have organised a demonstration fighting for A New Path for Europe for Investment, Quality Jobs and Equality. CESI supports the ETUC in this fight.

CESI supports ETUC on a New Path for Europe

With social dialogue under severe pressure and with public services being dismantled through austerity policies, the crisis has had a severely detrimental social impact on Europe. Citizens will respond to this impact in the upcoming European Parliament elections (22-25 May 2014). Their response will send a strong message, in some cases extreme.

With this in mind, the EU must start responding to the needs of its citizens to overcome this. Given the importance of sending strong signals to current and future European leaders, CESI can only offer its full support to action being taken by the ETUC and its member organisations.

CESI’s letter of support to the ETUC can be read here.