CESI supports action of Italian trade unions on November 28

27 Nov 2015, keywords : ,

Tomorrow, on November 28, a broad coalition of Italian public sector trade unions will hold a major demonstration in Rome to make its opposition heard to a continued freezing of collective bargaining in the Italian public sector. With its member organisation CONFSAL on board too, CESI sends a message of support and solidarity.

CESI supports action of Italian trade unions on November 28

Next to CONFSAL (the Italian Workers Autonomous Trade Unions Confederation), the coalition will comprise the main public sector federations of the Italian trade unions CGIL, CISL, UIL and GILDA. CONFSAL Secretary General Marco Paolo Nigi himself will join the demonstration and march together with the leaders of the partner trade unions.

The demonstration relates to a continued dispute between Italian public sector trade unions and the government about a continued freezing of collective bargaining in the public sector. Italian trade unions lament that, following austerity measures in the recent economic crisis, salaries have remained frozen to the day, precarious contracts become more and more widespread and only few new employees are being recruited – while the government continues to refuse any dialogue about their concerns. CONFSAL put up a press statement in this matter (to be updated after the demonstration) which can be accessed here.

CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger noted: “I hope that this joint action will finally make the government realise that failing to invest in the public sector and its employees will bring damage the entire country in the long-term. The recent government behaviour has been short-sighted and detrimental.”
He added: “If the government finally decided to engage in dialogue, this would also be an important sign of appreciation of the contribution that the public sector continues makes in delivering key services to the Italian citizens, despite all difficulties.”

Picture: © Confsal.