CESI stands behind open and democratic Commission nomination

18 Jun 2014, keywords :

These European elections were different. The candidate put forward by heads of state and government in the European Council should, for the first time, reflect the election results. With all the ongoing political fighting and bargaining among Europe’s leaders, CESI puts itself in favour of an open and democratic process.

CESI stands behind open and democratic Commission nomination

The 2014 elections were the first since the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon. This states that the Parliament will elect the President of the European Commission, on the basis of the EU heads of state and government’s pre-selection, which must take into account the results of European elections – and therefore citizens’ choice.

This is the closest the EU has come to having a direct democratic link between citizens and the European Commission, the institution holding the sole right of initiative in the EU’s legislative process. Yet still some EU leaders are rejecting this process, a process set out clearly in the Treaties.

CESI stands clearly in favour of an open and democratic process which reinforces the link between European citizens and those who lead and shape Europe’s policy. Any measure which enhances this link is a positive step in the right direction.

When EU leaders met next week (26-27 June) to discuss the nomination for the President of the Commission, CESI calls on the European Council to choose the candidate which most closely reflects the outcome of the European elections.