CESI reinforces importance of social dialogue to public administrations throughout EU

14 Jun 2013

The Irish presidency this week (14 June) welcomed EUPAN, an informal network of the Directors General responsible for public administration in the Member States of the European Union and the European Commission, and TUNED, the Trade Unions’ National and European Administration Delegation, to meet in Dublin.

CESI reinforces importance of social dialogue to public administrations throughout EU

Delivering a more resilient, professional and responsive public administration to citizens and the importance of engaging staff in times ongoing reform were central points on the agenda.

The TUNED delegation, which includes members of CESI, took the opportunity to underline the worrying unemployment figures, stating that austerity has gone too far, even in the eyes of the International Monetary Fund. The delegation brought to light the fact that there are also austerity measures hidden behind the more open cuts: if a salary is frozen when a country is experiencing inflation, this in fact translates to a pay cut. In these cases, social dialogue is fundamental in rebuilding trust between social partners. In this context, TUNED highlighted the European Commission’s 2012 Industrial Relations Report which revealed concerning trends in social dialogue, particularly in the public sector.

The EUPAN meeting also presented the trade union delegation to present the findings of its work within Central Government Administration sectoral social dialogue. In the last 6 months much has been achieved by this committee: the first framework agreement for quality services in central government, analysis on gender pay gaps, responding to a Commission consultation on traineeships and detailed discussions on the role of Human resources management in times of crisis.

The TUNED delegation as welcomed in the offices of the Irish civil services union (CPSU) in order to prepare the meeting, where a highly informative and engaging presentation was delivered on the current negotiations taking place among the central administration in Ireland.

CESI would like to thank EUPAN, TUNED and the Irish presidency for organising the event and looks forward to going deeper into the work so far achieved during the next DG EUPAN-TUNED meeting which is due to take place in Vilnius on 6th December 2013.