CESI Board adopts new basic positioning paper

23 Jun 2016, keywords : ,

Yesterday, CESI's Board adopted an updated basic positioning paper of CESI. The document, drafted by an internal working group with a mandate by the Presidium, represents an up-to-speed text on CESI's raison d'être and its objectives as a European level trade union confederation.

CESI Board adopts new basic positioning paper

The basic positioning paper, which is an update to a predecessor version of 2013, is structured in four parts.

The first part outlines the role of CESI as a European level trade union confederation in Brussels. It stresses that an increasing number of decisions and laws are struck and adopted on an EU level with concrete impacts on workers, and that this necessitates a European level representation of workers.

The second part sets out fundamental principles of CESI’s trade union activities. The section names non-partisanship, trade union pluralism, freedom and democracy as core principles that guide CESI’s work.

A third section lays out CESI’s particular strength in the representation of public sector workers. It calls for well-resourced public administrations as a guarantee for the citizens’ right to good administration.

Finally, a fourth section introduces CESI’s fundamental action strategies. In doing so, it defines the basic principles of interaction between the CESI General Secretariat and its member organisations and affiliates.

The entire positioning paper can be accessed here (in English language). It is also available in the policy positions section of CESI’s webpage in all five working languages of CESI (EN, DE, FR, ES, IT).

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