CESI President deplores lack of social dialogue during WZZ Congress

5 Oct 2013

On Friday 4 October, CESI President Romain Wolff spoke at the Congress of CESI member organisation WZZ in Bydgoszcz, Poland. During his contribution, Mr Wolff underlined how social dialogue is necessary more than ever in countries where economies are under strain and tensions are present. The traditional importance of Polish trade unions is currently being undermined as relevant decisions are being taken by the Polish government without their involvement.

CESI President deplores lack of social dialogue during WZZ Congress

The WZZ has been a member of CESI since 2009, only last year hosting a successful Europe Academy seminar on Providing high-quality public services in Europe based on the values of Protocol 26 TFEU. The problem for WZZ now is that these high quality public services are under threat in light of current public restructuring.

Speaking to WZZ members Mr Wolff stated “In our capacity as social partners, CESI demands more social dialogue – especially in times when the state is undergoing reform in its public services. By including those who are affected by the reforms in the processes, in each case this leads more acceptable solutions and compromises.”

This is not the first time CESI has stood up for WZZ in the fight to increase social dialogue between the Polish Government and the social partners. Earlier this year, CESI wrote a letter of support to the government urging the involvement of trade unions in decisions and calling for the preservation of social dialogue as an effective and fruitful tool.