CESI meets with affiliate EESC members to fine-tune cooperation and collaboration

Today, the CESI General Secretariat met with affiliates represented as members in the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC). The objective of the meeting was to discuss in detail about avenues of cooperation and collaboration on topics of shared priority.

CESI meets with affiliate EESC members to fine-tune cooperation and collaboration

CESI’s affiliate EESC members are Raymond Hencks, Christian Moos, Emilio Fatovic, Dumitru Fornea and Christophe Lefevre (see below).

During the EESC’s 2015-2020 term, they will be represented in different working groups and be rapporteurs on a variety of files, covering most sectors.

Today, the meeting participants agreed with CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger on a number of ways to create synergies between their activities and CESI’s work priorities.

In the future, CESI will draw on their expertise more often for the work of its internal sector-specific trade councils and commissions. CESI will also help them get more in touch with its member organisations at the national level and facilitate the dissemination of their political messages and reports. It was also agreed to work closer together on events on topics of shared interest.

CESI’s 5 member affiliates at the EESC

RHencks• Raymond Hencks, member of the EESC since 2002, will work in the EESC’s Group II (Workers’ group) and was also elected into the EESC’s Bureau (term of office 2015-2018).

Raymond Hencks is a member of the executive committee of CESI’s Luxembourgish member organisation ‘General Confederation of Public Services’ (CGFP).


CMoos• Christian Moos is a new member of the EESC and will be part of Group III (Various interests’ group).

He is head of the section ‘European and international affairs’ at CESI’s German member ‘German Civil Service Federation and Collective Wage Union’ (dbb).

Next to his work, Christian Moos is involved in EU affairs as, e.g., Secretary general of the German Union of European Federalists (UEF-Germany).


fatovic_500• Emilio Fatovic has been a member of the EESC since 2010 and will work in Group II for the next term.

Emilio Fatovic is Deputy secretary general of CESI’s Italian member ‘General Confederation of Independent Trade Unions’ (Confsal).

Emilio Fatovic is also President of CESI’s training centre ‘CESI Europe Academy’.


DFornea• Dumitru Fornea has been in the EESC since 2007 and will also feature in its Group II for the next term.

He is Confederal secretary for international relations at CESI’s Romanian member National Trade Union Confederation ‘CNS MERIDIAN‘.


CLefevre• Christophe Lefevre is a new member of the EESC and will work with Mr Fornea, Mr Fatovic and Mr Hencks in Group II.

Christophe Lefevre is Confederal executive secretary of CESI’s observer organisation ‘French Confederation of Management/General Confederation of Executives’ (CFE-CGC).

At its constitutive meeting, the EESC members also elected their new political leadership, including Georges Dassis as new President.