CESI determined and ready to contribute actively to a new and more effective social dialogue

6 Mar 2015, keywords :

CESI determined and ready to contribute actively to a new and more effective social dialogue

Following the High-level Summit on Social Dialogue which took place on 5 March 2015 in Brussels, CESI reiterated its full commitment to work towards a stronger and more sustainable social dialogue at all levels.

CESI welcomes the growing recognition that economic growth must be dealt together with social matters and the demonstrated will of the European Commission for the EU to “achieve a social AAA”, not least by giving social dialogue a fresh start. As recalled by Commissioner Marianne Thyssen, “there cannot be a well-functioning economy market without a well-functioning social dialogue”.

“Yes, social partners are best placed to suggest and negotiate solutions to current issues, because of their direct link to realities and their closeness to workers in all sectors”, Klaus Heeger, Secretary General of CESI, agreed. “They must therefore be at the forefront and be more involved in European policies, including in addressing the key challenges Europe is facing.”

Yet Klaus Heeger sharply criticised the policy of closed doors: “If the overall aim consist in better associating social partners in EU and national policy making, you better associate them all. Excluding millions of workers neither contributes to the strengthening of the social dimensions nor does it create a climate of trust and partnership. “

President Juncker himself recalled this week the birth of social dialogue thirty years ago and that although so much has changed Val Duchesse must be a source of inspiration for the social dialogue of today.

Referring to that, Klaus Heeger underlined that in order to rediscover the European social dimension, CESI is, today more than ever, called upon and ready to contribute actively to a genuine social dimension.

“All workers count”, CESI Secretary General underlined, “and those who do not recognise that, do strike a blow to that very social dimension they want to establish”.