CESI delegation visit Council of EU to discuss future of security and justice

23 Sep 2014, keywords :

This week (22 September), a CESI delegation, composed of around 40 people, was welcomed at the Council of the European Union, with Italy currently holding the Presidency of the EU.

CESI delegation visit Council of EU to discuss future of security and justice

The delegation was composed of members of the Security and Justice trade councils, working on home affairs and justices issues. The Council, the European institution gathering representatives of Member States, is therefore the most relevant body dealing with justice and home affairs. For many years, policies in security and justice were discussed only within the Council. Since the latest Treaty modifications (in the Lisbon Treaty), the European Parliament is now also involved.

The visit was organised as a result of the recent publication of new strategic guidelines by the heads of states in the European Council. The new strategy, comprising 13 articles, should now be implemented by the European Commission, together with the European Parliament and the Council.

Back in CESI’s offices, participants received information about a French initiative from CESI member, Alliance Police Nationale. The French trade union established a list of 11O proposals to give a new impulse for national internal security. Some of the proposals, such as reforming middle management or improving health and safety at work, may be adopted and complemented by the Security trade council.

Yves Pascouau, from the European Policy Centre, presented his own website (www.europeanmigrationlaw.eu ) on European legislation concerning asylum seekers. On this website, Mr Pascouau states that Member states should provide the necessary conditions to be able to receive those escaping from their country because of a risk for their own safety. Participants underlined the point that Member States would need more financial and human resources, as well as better targeted training for those working on the field, to be able to receive asylum seekers adequately.

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