CESI Presidium & Board: Helen Adriani elected new Vice-President, CESI position on trade agreements finalised

On Tuesday and Wednesday this week, CESI held the last Presidium and Board meetings of the year. Next to discussions about current political hot topics and CESI's positioning in their regards, they saw the election of Helen Adriani, President of CESI's Dutch member organisation CNV-Connectief, as a Vice-President of CESI.

CESI Presidium & Board: Helen Adriani elected new Vice-President, CESI position on trade agreements finalised

Ms Adriani will replace Eric de Macker, who stepped down from his position as one of CESI’s nine Vice-Presidents. Ms Adriani will hold the position until the next CESI Congress, which will take place in December next year.

Helen Adriani elected Vice-President of CESI

CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger said: “I am very glad to welcome Helen Adriani as a Vice-President of CESI. I am sure she will contribute to CESI’s work with the same engagement and enthusiasm as Eric de Macker, who I greatly thank for his continued commitment to CESI during the last years. Especially in the context of the upcoming Dutch Council Presidency, CNV-Connectief will play a central role in CESI’s stakeholder engagement and advocacy work in Brussels.”

Debates on current political hot topics

The Presidium and Board members also debated on current political hot topics and CESI’s positioning in their regards. This included topics such as:
• how public sector workers can be better enabled to help prevent radicalisation and terrorist attacks as have happened in Paris and elsewhere across Europe during the past years;
• how politics can better support public sector workers in migration and integration management; and
• how worker rights and the quality of services of general interest can be protected against harmful liberalisation and privatisation pressures that (forthcoming) free trade agreements such as CETA, TTIP and TiSA may bring about.

CESI position on EU trade agreements finalised

With regards to the latter, a position paper was adopted. The paper stipulates the following:
• The EU must make sure that trade agreements will in no way negatively affect, erode or even dismantle social and labour standards and rights established by international, EU and EU Member States’ legal orders;
• Services of general interest (SGIs) must be fully exempted from trade agreements;
• National rules and award criteria in public procurement mechanisms should be excluded from trade agreements as their definition must remain unchanged in relation to the currently existing EU public procurement rules;
• Special investor protection instruments for cases of investor-state disputes should not run against the governments’ right to meet core public policy objectives; and
• Secrecy in trade negotiations must end.

The position paper will be published soon in the policy positions section of CESI’s website.