CESI announces first Youth Camp

21 Jun 2013

The European Confederation of Independent Trade Unions is proud to announce that the first Youth Camp will take place from 5th to 8th September 2013.

CESI announces first Youth Camp

Young workers’ representatives from all over Europe will gather in Hungary on the banks of the Balaton Lake to discuss the future of trade unions and to get involved in the work of unions at the European level.

Young Europeans are facing serious difficulties in integrating into the labour market. Trade unions are forced to act in order to prevent the so-called ‘lost generation’. It is not least at the European level, with the support of the European Union, that solutions can be found.

CESI believes that decent employment is a must for the young generation and that good living and working conditions are a right for all workers, especially for the youngest.

Speaking about the Youth Camp, President of CESI Romain Wolff said: “We are inviting young workers involved in their own national trade unions to give them the opportunity to have their voice heard at the European level. Just as it is important to solve the challenges facing young people today, it is also crucial to involve them in the processes.”

Thanks to the insight of decision-makers and experts, as well as contributions from each and every one of the young workers representatives, the CESI Youth Camp will be a chance to enjoy an open and active debate on the needs and concerns of young people. It is young people who understand the reality of the situation for workers in their age group and for jobseekers in their country. CESI is therefore determined to provide a unique opportunity for young people to share ideas, experiences and opinions on youth employment policies in Europe.

CESI Youth Camp is also occasion for young unionists to interact, to discuss the future of trade unions and to get involved in unions at the European level. During the camp a CESI Youth representative will be appointed, creating another opportunity for young people to be heard by policy makers in Brussels.