Bem-Bir-Sen marks 20th anniversary and new CESI membership

15 Jan 2014, keywords :

From the 10-11th January, CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger joined Turkish member organisation Bem-Bir-Sen in celebrating its 20th anniversary as an active trade union in Turkish public administration. The occasion also marked Bem-Bir-Sen’s recent membership of CESI, where Klaus Heeger to the opportunity to underline the importance of CESI’s expansion into Turkey.

Bem-Bir-Sen marks 20th anniversary and new CESI membership

Being one of the most recent members of CESI, it is important that not only are members present in Brussels, but also that CESI is present within member organisations in their domestic sphere. CESI therefore joined Bem-Bir-Sen in Ankara, Turkey to celebrate its 20th anniversary and its new membership of CESI.

Around 700 participated in the two day event, which saw Bem-Bir-Sen reflect on its 20 years as a trade union in Turkish local and regional administration. In addition, prizes were awarded to journalists from the Turkish media for exceptional commitments and engagement in their field of work.

Klaus Heeger, Secretary General of CESI, took the opportunity to welcome Ben-Bir-Sen to CESI: “We look forward to working together with our new Turkish friends in cooperating to improve the standing of public sector workers. We need to work together to build a public administration which is defined by integrity, impartiality and incorruptibility. To do this, the workforce must be involved and this relies on trade unions and social dialogue”.

Chairman of Bem-Bir Sen, Mürsel Turbay, echoed the words of CESI by saying: “We believe in social dialogue in our union. Not only do we need to take into account our own domestic values, we should also consider the values of others on the international stage. With this we look forward to cooperating with CESI.”

Bem-Bir-Sen represents 57,000 employees in Turkish local and regional administration.