Ankara attacks: CESI stands by its affiliate Bem Bir Sen

11 Oct 2015, keywords : ,

Following yesterday's twin bombings in Ankara, CESI expresses its condolences to the Turkish citizens and stands by its Turkish affiliate, trade union Bem Bir Sen.

Ankara attacks: CESI stands by its affiliate Bem Bir Sen

Hearing of the disastrous terrorist attacks, CESI Secretary general Klaus Heeger sent an expression of condolences to the head of Bem Bir Sen, Mr Mürsel Turbay, assuring that CESI stands by its affiliate and all its members during these difficult times.

CESI condems the bombings as an unacceptable attack on all those Turkish citizens who were marching peacefully for solidarity and democracy in the country.

CESI has already run several initiatives which aimed to help authorities and the civil society effectively fight radicalisation and emerging terrorist threats. On December 15, CESI will, in collaboration with the European Union National Institutes for Culture (EUNIC) and the Danish Cultural Institute EU Brussels and with the support of the Alliance Police Nationale CFE-CGC, host another conference on ‘Terrorism and radicalisation: the new challenges for our societies’. It will take place in Paris.