Actions speak louder than words: CESI welcome European Alliance for Apprenticeships

2 Jul 2013, keywords :

Commissioners László Andor and Commissioner Androulla Vassiliou were in Leipzig today (2 July) to launch the European Alliance for Apprenticeship (EAfA), as part of the wider EU strategy to tackle youth unemployment in the EU.

Actions speak louder than words: CESI welcome European Alliance for Apprenticeships

The initiative aims to increase the quality and the supply of apprenticeships across Europe and change attitudes towards apprenticeship-type learning. CESI is represented at the launch event by Mr Eugen Straubinger, of the BLBS in Germany.

The initiative takes a broad approach in trying to rebrand apprenticeships in Europe. There are varying systems for apprenticeships across EU countries, allowing better performing countries in the sphere of vocational training to share their best practices. The benefits of apprenticeships will also be highlighted in this scheme, allowing for young people to take a different, more positive approach when considering apprenticeships.

The EAfA can be seen as both a short-term remedy to the worryingly high youth unemployment rates and a long-term solution to the skills mismatch found in society today. With vocational training, young people will be better placed to gain the skills which employers are looking for.

The EAfA however needs sufficient resources to function effectively, which will be taken from the European Social Fund and the Youth Employment Initiative.

The launch event sees itself sandwiched between the European Council summit at the end of June, which focused on youth unemployment in particular, and a conference in Berlin on 3 July hosted by Chancellor Angela Merkel which sees Ministers for Labour throughout Europe coming together to once again discuss the plight of young people facing the labour market.

CESI considers, the European Alliance for Apprenticeships a welcome step in tackling the issue, with actions speaking louder than words.


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