2014 key messages: “We can change course by building a more social and more democratic Europe”

27 May 2014, keywords :

This month sees the launch of CESI’s 2014 key messages to the new European Parliament and the new European Commission: CESI Secretary General Klaus Heeger explains what is at the core of these key messages…

2014 key messages: “We can change course by building a more social and more democratic Europe”

We can see that the 2014 elections are crucial. Crucial to determining the personalities who will take the top jobs and crucial to the policies and direction Europe will adopt over the course of the next 5 years. During the next week and following the elections, we will be working hard to promote the direction we want Europe to take and to support those who share our vision.

This week, we set out our 2014 key messages, in line with our reinforced ethos: all workers count; public services work; closing the gap.

The new term for the European Parliament and the European Commission means an opportunity to put these into action and to change course by building a different economic, more social and more democratic Europe. Now undermined and under constant pressure and threat, Europe’s social policies were once held in high regard.

Purely austerity-driven policies have meant public spending cuts and unemployment soaring, inflicting misery on citizens, whether employed or not, in particular on Europe’s youth.

Relentless competitiveness results in working conditions and pay deteriorating, while social protection has become under severe strain.


Rising poverty and inequality threaten the EU´s future, and while workers´ representation is more needed than ever, social dialogue and the rights of trade unions have been dismantled.

From 2014, we can reverse these damaging trends and policies by:

Securing a genuine social dimension

Fighting discrimination in the work place

Protecting Services of General Interest

Fighting tax fraud and tax evasion with more  resources and political will

Campaigning for full and effective information and consultation of workers

Ensuring trade union pluralism


From 2014, we need to focus on ensuring all workers count, letting public services work and on closing the gap.

You can also consult our key messages in FRDEESIT and NL.